Nov 9, 2008

New name New blog God experiences.

Dear diary today I need to write about a decision I am making. I haven't written to my blog in awhile now. I think it's time to start a new blog. I think the title of my blog is not reaching people as I had hoped. I will continue to write to this blog from time to time. I think there is information I could write about on this blog that I will not write about in my new blog. For those who do read my blog I want you to know the name of my new blog: God Experiences. I have found I do have much to share in my experiences and I continue to learn new insights from God . I have been given the blessing of feeling Jesus by my side. He encourages me to learn . I feel his tender ,nurturing love. I have thanked him many times for his gentle guidance . I am grateful that I have been taught to turn to Jesus. He leads me to prayer where I am renewed in how it all works. Prayer , understanding that I didn't have before I entered into my praying. Jesus calls me to him , to prayer , when things are troubling me , when I don't understand why something happened. I know everything happens for a reason. I have been shown this many times. And it is true ,take in everything that comes your way , and then pray and you will find so much can be learned from something small. It may even begin with something hurtful to you. But it is to remind you that you need to go back and practice what you have been taught ,but have not been doing, and that there is still continuous learning . If you have feedback for me , my email add. is in my profile.

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