Nov 9, 2008

New name New blog God experiences.

Dear diary today I need to write about a decision I am making. I haven't written to my blog in awhile now. I think it's time to start a new blog. I think the title of my blog is not reaching people as I had hoped. I will continue to write to this blog from time to time. I think there is information I could write about on this blog that I will not write about in my new blog. For those who do read my blog I want you to know the name of my new blog: God Experiences. I have found I do have much to share in my experiences and I continue to learn new insights from God . I have been given the blessing of feeling Jesus by my side. He encourages me to learn . I feel his tender ,nurturing love. I have thanked him many times for his gentle guidance . I am grateful that I have been taught to turn to Jesus. He leads me to prayer where I am renewed in how it all works. Prayer , understanding that I didn't have before I entered into my praying. Jesus calls me to him , to prayer , when things are troubling me , when I don't understand why something happened. I know everything happens for a reason. I have been shown this many times. And it is true ,take in everything that comes your way , and then pray and you will find so much can be learned from something small. It may even begin with something hurtful to you. But it is to remind you that you need to go back and practice what you have been taught ,but have not been doing, and that there is still continuous learning . If you have feedback for me , my email add. is in my profile.

Oct 30, 2008

A Peace Heaven.

Good morning to all. My dairy entry today is something I have write about . I say this because it is in the morning that I have the passion to share what I have experienced during my quiet time with God, and with Jesus. I am, so much of the time , told to read certain pages , I am given a number . This morning like many others , I am thinking about something specifically. I have been thinking about the life I have been given . A life that feels like a piece of heaven. I awake in the morning with the thought of being grateful for another day , And "I mean ", until I was given this life , through The grace of God, I had never experienced anything like this life . That is why I feel it is so important to to write about this transformation. I have begun to feel some fear of this life being taken from me , because I have been spending so much time trying to find away to make extra money . I forget to stop and listen to God , even though That is what I want to do . I realise , God does come first in my life. I long for him to let me feel his love. You can't know , or understand the true meaning of that statement, unless through God's grace , he has transformed you , and in the relationship with God , everything , has new meaning . You just can't explain it . I am being reminded, this morning , the thought of having this life , that is , like I said , a piece of heaven , or having a life of being rich . My thought was" There is nothing to compare , this life , is so astounding , no way I would ever change . " I am without many material things in my life , but yet I feel grateful , no more empty place within me , peace. Each day is a new day ,truly . I get in the way of God's will in my life , I eventually realise this. I know It was the grace of God that I have this life, that is to me, experiencing some of heaven. This morning I am told to read , 38 , in my book of ; 100 Favorite Bible verses . This was Ephesians 5:31-32 NCV . The meaning of marriage . I went on to 39 , and there was my answer , my message from God. Psalm 139: 7-10 . "The truth is wonderful news for those who long for God. " God is always right by your side. His Spirit transcends the limitations of physical space . This means that you will experience God's presence in a different way . Once you learn about God's Spirit , you know he is there. My life of peace , the life that is a piece of heaven, is God. He will not go away.

Oct 24, 2008

What does sincere and crack pots have in common

This morning as I read through my book of bible verses , first I realise there are so many to write about. So many times I have wanted to share what I read . Today I decided to write about being sincere . The word sincere comes from an unlikely beginning. In the middle east during biblical times, clay pots were a necessity . The clay pots were fragile , and sometimes a pot would crack. The clay pots that were cracked , would be patched with wax and sold as sincere. meaning "without wax " Hypocrites ,are "crack Pots". The pots were being pass off as something they were not . Being authentic means being sincere in the way you relate to others. This means letting people see you for who you really are. Jesus was totally authentic in the way he related to people. His sincerity helped to make him approachable and , reliable as a teacher and friend. I leave you with the thought of how are you sincere ? , did you know , love has to be sincere. If it isn't , it isn't love at all.

Oct 20, 2008

If You Want The truth .

Hi all of you out there in Internet land. This grandma here for another round . well I saw again , that when a person tries to find my blog through Blogger, the page says My blog doesn't exist .But I'm here to tell you , it does exist. I going to even write on it . I am quite fortunate ,I get to spend more time with my 4 year old gr. daughter , since I have been home . Actually it was part of reason for leaving the working world . I may not have enough money ' I really did want to have more time with all my gr. kids . A bout two weeks ago when the little one was here, at my house . I heard this loud loud voice coming from her. She was having a snack . She said , Oh my gosh! There are spider webs on your light up there . All I could think to myself ,was, "busted By a 4 yr. old."But I know if you have a little one , you have these big events too. Last week I had a new hair cut . It is very short. Well gr. daughter , she is always giving complements, like , i like your shirt, or I love this snack you made for me , and so on. Well when she saw this short hair cut , she was ask a couple of times , how did she like my hair . She did not sat a word. And she still hasn't . i'm begining to think she doesn't like it. That's about it for now , hurry back to read my next blog.

Oct 15, 2008

Hear All About It

Hi to all of you readers . My diary today is related to a post I have written about being involved in children and teens education .In My former post was to inform people of some of the issues I have encountered , at schools , and the last post I talked about only one school , and my opinion about the education at that school. I live in AR. , and in AR. , education is not equal for all students. I have worked in schools in many areas of the state . Not as a teacher , but as a mental health counselor . I don't know if other states have the program , but it is a much needed service in all schools as you will see. I was made aware of many things I didn't know about education in AR. , for most public schools , the school counselor has other duties , some don't actually counsel students at all. However, I want to say as well, there are school counselors who do counsel , and they want to counsel the students . There are some fine counselors in schools , and if they see a child that needs more long term help , and other complications , they will try to get the student's parents to give permission for the child to be assessed , and begin counseling with mental health counselor, at the school. In this program , the child will be seen by an M.D. On a regular bases. The parents are requested to participate in family counseling. Parenting classes are provided. This is all part of the community mental health center, Or in many parts of AR. , there are mental health facilities that provide these services , actually , now , I think the private counseling centers have the extended program , with providing mh. counselors for schools, and case managers as well. Which in my opinion, these people make an enormous difference in children's lives. The facilities are complicated through Medicaid ., I think some grant funds also. Our state also has a program entitled; Our kids first , which provides treatment for children , who's parents don't have insurance. So this is another part of the education program in AR. As I said in the beginning , education is not equal. We have poor schools , that just can't measure up to schools in better districts. I know there are 4th graders who can't read , and the students are at least average intelligence . I used to think about this alot , and would be angry , I would say, what happened to no child left behind?! for some children with special needs , lets just say , in some cases , I shook my head. Recently, (and this is all) , I learned from a high school student , ( I have long since left this work ) , that the no child left behind program, at his school , teaches these students low level work , and then the student passes and is put into regular classes and they are lost . Of course , like I said , this is something I was told ,but if true ?